Base frame

Power range 10-3000 kVA

Power generators
1500-1800 rpm – 50/60Hz
400-230 V/480-240V

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Command and control panel
Self supporting pre-drilled structure
Tropicalized radiator
Tank with anti spillage bonded base

Generating sets designed to offer power supply solution

The range of Elcos base frame Generators offers a reliable energy source for industrial use.

Often used as a primary source of supply in self-production installations or as a mains emergency back-up system.

The range of ELCOS Base frame Generators allows management in parallel, stand alone or as master and slave modes.
The BF range covers the reference power from 10 to 3000 KVA, equipped with engines and premium brand alternators.

Designed for the Industry

Wide choice of engines

Factory tested

Diesel Generators Fixed base for Premises or Containers

BF generators are the optimal choice for applications in industrial fields.
All BF Generators are factory tested.

Safe for the operator and easy to be maintained

All operations, such as use, commissioning and maintenance are carried out in complete safety, thanks to all the protection devices.

Fully customizable to fit all needs

Thanks to a wide range of accessories you can configure the generator to be perfectly suited to your requests.

Main features


These generators can be used in a variety of applications, such as:

Industries – Data Centers – Hotels – Restaurants – Hospitals – Airports – Malls – Farms – Livestocks Farms – Recreation centers – Military applications – Telecommunications – Oil & Gas

Engine and alternator brands

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