Specified: 5 Container 20’ HC x 1250KVA.

Purpose: One of the major University & Hospital in the Middle East.

ELCOS is proud to announce the delivery of a new Medium Voltage power plant working in auto-production, emergency and transient parallel with the mains.

This system include 5 x 1250KVA (PRP), 11KVac/50Hz containerized Generators for a total power of 6,2MVA.

These Generators are installed in Container 20’ HC Light fully soundproofed with residential muffler on top.

The fuel system is composed by an internal tank 350Lt with retention base on trestle, an automatic refuelling system connected to an external double wall fuel tank 3000Lt.

Our new plant is equipped by the MV Cells “TPS + MBMC” which allows the parallel management and regulates each individual generator power supply.

Furthermore, each unit is equipped with a control card for output regulation allowing synchronization between generators.

This is just a portion of the complete power plant which will add 15MW in the nearest future.


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