Rental genset for hire are increasingly in demand;
Rental companies are always on the lookout searching for rental genset suitable to the most different needs: either to provide energy during festival and shows, either for power supply in building sites either the back-up to the mains for companies that can’t afford a total black-out. New shopping malls, sporting centers and clinics are just a few examples of whom have decided to rely on rental gensets.

For this reason, Elcos offers a great range of rental gensets: easy to use, to move and to maintain but, in the meanwhile, robust and dependable.

To an international rental company, Elcos has recently provided a rental genset, a 20’ HC Container 1000 kVA PRP, with 1600 A power switch, easy to reach, placed in a dedicated lateral box.
This rental genset system disposes, for a total power intake, of 4 powerlock lines 400 A.

Elcos gives its customers the chance to customize the socket form of his rental gensets , in order to satisfy every power request. You can choose 16 A sockets, three-phase, single-phase, schuko single-phase and/or end-user socket (for the pre-heater, for example) to equip your rental gensets.

32 A three-phase and single-phase sockets are available too, just like 63 A and 125 A three-phase sockets. All the 16 A and 32 A sockets are placed under a single switch with differential protection, the 63 A sockets have a dedicated switch with differential protection, while the 125 A sockets depend on the general switch.

This rental genes in container is realized with frontal vertical aspiration louvres and back ejection louvres; there’s an internal muffler and a 1000 lt big tank on board, that grants a 6-hours-autonomy (at 75% load) of the rental genset. The container is super-silenced, suited to work in open spaces.

The refilling system is versatile, to adapt to the different uses requested: thank to the quick couplings connectors and to the 3-way valve, this generating set can be refilled from the internal tank in the same way as from an external one. The on-board tank can be constantly refilled from an external cistern, thanks to the automatic fuel refilling system, without getting in the container.

This mobile application travels on a dedicated trailer, that allows a secure and versatile handling. The rental containers are suited for long and intense working times, thanks to the sturdiness of their canopies, and they can work in harsh conditions too.

Choosing a rental power generator from Elcos means getting a customized product, made on your requests, with punctual and dependable assistance in every circumstance.

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