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Elcos srl is among the main Italian companies that produce generators. It develops, produces, sells and installs systems for the generation of electric energy for a total of  700 MW per year.

ELCOS has been operating in the domestic and international market for over forty-five years.

Elcos researches and develops products that use innovative technologies in order to optimize its production efficiency and performances provided by its systems, offering the user (from 1 to 3150 kVA) a customized product.

Elcos is located in Northern Italy, in the province of Cremona. It is an independent group that designs and produces in Italy power generation systems (emergency and self-production) intended for the international market.

ELCOS has promoted an internal behavioural code based on customer satisfaction.

This philosophy favours the creation of a virtuous and synergic circle between the company and environment.

Thanks to  a continuous exchange of experience and know-how which makes it possible to support change management in a decisive way.

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We always aim far


Mario rozzi founds Elcos – Elettro costruzioni, company that produces electric systems for industrial use.


Production of the first generator for agricultural use.


Creation of Elcos srl.
In addition to the engineering activity, the production of generators for industrial-residential-agricultural use is introduced.


Entrance of the second generation of owners in the company.
From production upon order, to production for warehouse purposes.


New production plant of Grumello Cremonese (CR), 5000 square meters.


Entrance in the construction market with ad hoc products.

The presence in the international market is strengthened, in particular in the Middle Eastern area, while the extra-community European market is consolidated.

Motors used: Volvo, Deutz, Cummins. Alternators: Marelli and Stanford.


Extension of  2000 square metres to the new production plant.


Enter the Telecom Africa and Middle East markets, extension to a 4000 square meters productive area, powder coating cabin with oven installed.


Automatic assembly line for generators from 10 to 100 kVA installed, increasing production up to 10 generators/day.


Developed hybrid HS products with salt batteries in the Telecom market and residential saps for off-grid use – Enter the Russian market.


First medium voltage systems realized – tracking system with barcode installed.


Enter the New Zealand and Australia market – new testing room for Medium Voltage gensets and power plants – new production method with collection of handheld material.


Container production capacity upgrade – GDC battery charger product realized.


Extension to a 12000 square meters productive area acquisition.


Testing room n.1 upgrade – Scania motors’ acquisition – enter the Central America market.


Baudouin  motors’ acquisition – new product lines – canopy color change.


Extension of the production site up to 6000 square meters – MES production control system.


The investments made in the research and development of advanced solutions, combined to a proven ability to analyze and anticipate trends, allows Elcos to offer controlled, certified solutions, configured on the specific requests of the Clients, with regards to complex systems and also single apparatuses.


testing room n. 1

Features of Testing Room N°1

  • N° 2 560 KW automatic tests with 10 steps parallelable
  • N° 1 100 KW automatic test with 10 steps
  • N° 1 automatic 30 KW test in DC
  • N° 2 full tests with 10 PT 100 probes, 3 PT 800
  • Ventilation test with anemometer
  • Vibrations test

testing room n. 2

Features of Testing Room N°2

  • N° 1 4000 KW automatic test with 20 steps
  • Multi-voltage transformer with MV cells
  • N° 2 full tests with 10 PT 100 probes, 3 PT 800
  • N° 6 container spaces for parallel tests
  • Ventilation test with anemometer
  • Vibrations test

Elcos is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified; planning, production and sales take place according to procedures aimed at the total client’s satisfaction.

An approach oriented to the market and a model of “pull” type allow to offer clients, a complete range of generators and to satisfy the needs that imply specific design.

Elcos has implemented a quality management system certified by Q.A. International, one of the most renowned and accredited certification bodies worldwide. The system offers the guarantee that Elcos’ products are manufactured according to procedures based on quality, for all corporate processes: from design to the manufacturing of the product, from purchases to sales, until the services offered to our clients.