Iso Range 20/20HC’ – 30/30HC’ – 40/40 HC’

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Access door it allows to enter the machine room for inspection
Residential muffler -35 dBA on the roof it guarantees an acoustic reduction of the exhaust noise
Forklift tunnels to ensure safe lifting and handling

Generating sets designed to offer power supply solutions

ELCOS offers the possibility of installing power generators inside CONTAINERS Iso Range 20/20HC’ – 30/30HC’ – 40/40 HC’ according to the customer’s requirements. All the CONTAINERS  can be silenced up to 50 dB(A) @ 7m.

On request, it is also possible to provide the RINA certification.

CONTAINERS  can be equipped with:
– Light system and auxiliary outlets
– Heaters with thermostat
– Motor-driven grids

Moreover, thanks to our team of experts, we can support customers during the design phase, putting a variety of different customizations at their disposal.

ISO RANGE 20/20HC’ - 30/30HC’ - 40/40 HC’

Wide range of accessories

Soundproofed 75/65/55 dBA

Thanks to a wide range of accessories you can configure the container to be perfectly suited to your requests.

Fuel Supply

Tanks and automatic fuel re lling systems
Double wall tanks with feet, with tear valve
4000/5000Lt. tank space-optimized for containers
External refuelling with signal lamp for Container
External refuelling with analogue level indicator
Fuel connections with 3-way valve & quick couplings
Bunded floor area with drainage to the outside
Tank installation in Container with partition reproof wall


Control panel cabinet inspection door
(double door)
Control panel cabinet inspection door
(single door)
Panic release pushbutton for personnel door
Expulsion compartment walkway
Double hinged door with wide (180°) opening
Shelter above access door
(for single hinged control panel)
Shelter above access door
(for double hinged control panel)

Aspiration / Expulsion and Exhaust

Front vertical air outlet louvres
Vertical gravity louvres
Vertical motorized louvres
VSD driven fan remote radiator
External muffler with insulated casing
Internally mounted muffler

Main Features


Questi gruppi elettrogeni possono essere utilizzati in una varietà di applicazioni:

Industries – Data Centers – Big Hospitals – Airports – Military applications – Telecommunications – Oil & Gas – Harbors – Chemicals

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