elcos 1500 rpm power generators

Base frame GS
Range 10-3000 Kva

Diesel Generators Fixed base for Premises or Containers.
BF generators are the optimal choice for applications in industrial fields. All BF Generators are factory tested.

professional GS
Range 10-500 Kva

Thanks to a sturdy metal structure, they guarantee reliable handling.
They are built with elements of ultimate technology, which allow to reduce the noise generated from the engine.

Range 15-500 Kva

Robust Generating sets, designed for frequent use in harsh conditions.
Easy to handle. Equipped with premium accessories to be ready for any needs.

Super silent GS
Range 10-3000 Kva

Super Soundproofed generators for residential areas.
They’re built with elements of ultimate technology, which allow to reduce the noise generated from the engine.

Telecom GS
Range 10-60 Kva

High performance Diesel Generators. TLC generators are conceived to offer Long
Autonomy, to be easily repaired and to perform with high performance efficiency, reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

elcos 3000 rpm power generators

Portable GS
Range 3-13 Kva

Generating sets designed to offer portable power solutions.

The ECHO series generators offer a wide range of uses and engine brands.
Equipped with Auto Choke System, Voltmeter, Circuit breaker, Hour Counter, Magneto-thermal switch, on board control panel and sockets.

professional GS
Range 6,5-13 Kva

Generating sets designed to offer super silent and portable power solutions.
The ZIP series generators offer a wide range of uses.
The ZIP series generators are equipped with Start/stop emergency button externally accessible, Residential muffler, Magneto-thermal breaker, Tank on board, Anti-overturning base frame, Fuel gauge and control panel on board.

elcos Power systems

Medium voltage
Range 800-3000 Kva

The GMV range offers solutions for medium-voltage systems, with a wide range of voltages, to satisfy the growing technical

Other elcos products

Range 10-60 Kva

P.T.O. tractor driven generators to offer best reliability

The PTO of the AGRIPLUS series offer an electric power source coupled to the driving force of the tractor.

mobile lighting towers

Mobile lighting towers designed to offer the best quality.

Mobile Lighting Towers with diesel or Hybrid Generator. Suitable for Generators and Without generator.
Equipped with LED, Metale Halide or Halogen Floodlights. 9 mts Height with automatic or manual lifting system.

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