• Total supplied power: Plant consisting of 3 Generating Sets of 2MVA in 40’HC container in medium voltage with 33kVac / 50Hz output. The parallel system is powered by 7 double-wall fuel tanks of 20.000L each.
  • Type of application: the power available from the parallel system is equal to 6 MVA in self-production and / or emergency to the mains. This system powers an industrial brewery in Ethiopia.
  • Customer: industrial brewery in Ethiopia.
  • Particular requests in the design phase, technical challenges faced:

Supply of a turn-key solution necessary to minimize installation times and costs. Supply of a flexible system capable of meeting the customer’s needs in terms of efficiency and safety, in the supply of a 24h/7 production plant. In this regard, three ISO 40’HC Containers were designed, built and supplied, inside each of them both the Generating Sets and the 400Vac / 33kVac step-up transformers were placed. The functional management system was developed in such a way as to manage the start-up of the system both manually and automatically through the direct control of the medium voltage cell system, not supplied by ELCOS. The plant is already set up for the integration of a fourth machine in the near future.

  • Commissioning: The on-site team, made up of 14 skilled technicians, received training on installation procedures, periodic maintenance and commissioning of Elcos generating sets. Specific training also covered engines, alternators and control panels for the management and control of the units.

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