Rental event

Power range 60-200 kVA

Power generators
1500-1800 rpm – 50/60Hz
400-230 V/480-240V

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Terminal box accessible from the outside with cable holders to ensure a secure connection
Remote monitoring
Super soundproofed Canopy built to be used in extreme environments Soundproofed with durable class 1 rated rot-proof polyester fiber
Central lifting lug and four lateral hooks

Generating sets designed for rental for events

ELCOS Power Generators for the Event Rental market. They combine reliability and low noise emission in line with the needs of rental companies.

They cover all modes of operation, equipped to handle any need.

Compact size design, easy to use, provide safe and intelligent user experience. They offer high performance when reliable power on demand is needed for limited periods in residential areas, where low sound levels are required.

Mobile Genset

55 dBA

For residential areas

Thanks to a sturdy metal structure, they guarantee reliable handling.
They are built with elements of ultimate technology, which allow to reduce the noise generated from the engine.


Easy to use, Easy to handle, Easy to connect, Easy to maintain. The safety of all the operations is granted by the provided safety equipment. They can be controlled and managed remotely.


Designed to be loaded into a truck side by side, to minimise transport costs. Custom paint colours available.

Main features

Easy Operation

Easy Maintenance

Engine and alternator brands

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