Power range 10-60 kVA

Power generators
1500-1800 rpm – 50/60Hz
400-230 V/480-240V 48 VDC

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Completely closed roof Side Air Inlet & Outlet to ensure better rain protection
Super Silent galvanized canopy Insulated with soundproofing Class 1 rated material for residential areas
Dismountable Gen set: the tank and canopy module can be disassembled to allow easy transport operations
Theft prevention system special equipment

Generating sets designed for Telecom sites

ELCOS Gensets for Telecom Sites combine the reliability and the versatility that TLC companies need.

This well engineered and easy to use generator provides High performance, Long runtime, OPEX and CAPEX reduction and Extended services intervals.
This range of  Gensets for Telecom Sites is the result of research and development to design a solution to ensure a versatile and highly reliable product to Telecommunications Companies.

The Gensets for Telecom Sites are available in different arrangements: AC / DC /Hybrid Systems.

CAPEX and OPEX Reduction



High performanace

TLC generators are created to offer Long runtime, to be easy to repair and to perform with max efficiency, minimizing CAPEX/OPEX costs.

CAPEX and OPEX reduction

Fully factory tested and built according to the customer requirements. TLC Gensets for Telecom Sites reduce CAPEX and OPEX thanks to a long life design.

Extended service intervals and unattended running

Gensets for Telecom Sites designed to operate in all environmental conditions
(ambient temperature from -10°C up to 52 °C), to be easy to transport and remotely managed.

Main features


These generators for telecom sites can be used in a variety of applications, such as:

Telecom sites – Cell sites – Remote areas – Telecom towers – Mains failure – Dual systems – DC systems -48 VDC – Batteries charger

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